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“Seeds are a gift of nature, of past generations and diverse cultures. It is our inherent duty and responsibility to protect them and to pass them on to future generations. They are the first link in the food chain, the embodiment of biological and cultural diversity and the repository of life's future evolution.”

— Manifesto on the Future of Seed

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  • Pollinate.

    Welcome to our 2019 season! For those of you who have followed our journey with seeds for a whi...
    2019-01-03 22:24:45
  • Coming Attractions

    Consistent feedback we’ve gotten over the past several years has been that you'd like to ...
    2017-11-16 00:13:39
  • WINTER 2017

    At long last you find us here again just as the Winter season is upon us. From the photo abov...
    2017-01-04 07:18:58
  • -Welcome!-

      PHEW! Here we are at last!Cheers to the 2015 growing season! We're so happy to be a par...
    2015-01-12 12:38:09

Who we are

About us

We are Brian, Crystine, Rio, Eric, & farm kids Rowan, and baby Meira and we love what we do.
Uprising Seeds is the culmination of years of fresh market farming, variety trialing, seed production and breeding work, and most importantly, a decades-long love affair with food and its power to bring people together. Our ideal vision of seed sustainability involves farmers and gardeners as the stewards of the varieties that they depend on...