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Strength in Diversity

Well friends, here we go! It’s time to find inspiration in the coming season, be it planting
your first garden, trying a new variety or recipe, or renewing a commitment to spend
more time outdoors, hands dirty, and immersed in the sights and sounds and smells of
the world around us. It’s time to lace up those boots and get to work doing what you do
best , joining others in their efforts, and most of all knowing that when we stand together,
in spite of all that could and often does divide us, we are powerful, we are capable, we
are unrelenting, and we are bright beyond measure.

This work, for us, is about harnessing the power of growing food to create community
and dialogue and 2016, in many ways, made it painfully clear that there is much community
building work to be done. As we’ve learned from time spent in community garden
plots and farmers markets, the common ground we find with others in the simple acts of
tending a garden and preparing and sharing meals are a few good places to start. This
catalog is filled with the encapsulated stories of relationships between people and plants
and places, and like all living stories they connect our past to our future.

The 2016 chapter of our story had a spirit of experimentation about it at the home farm.
We’ve added quite a few new varieties this year including several that have likely never
been available as organic seed before. For vegetable growers, we’ve worked to focus on
varieties with exceptional hardiness and disease resistance like Neptune leeks and several
new lettuces as well as culinary standouts like Filderkraut Cabbage, Cascade Glaze Collards
and Puntarelle Chicory. We’ve added several new and lesser known culinary herbs
like Mentuccia, Blue Fenugreek, and Mexican Tarragon to bring new flavors to your palate
. And, for cut flower growers, we have prioritized making available high quality, domestically
grown organic seeds for the specialty cultivars you depend on. You’ll find 15
new flower varieties this year inside, including several cut flower classics and a couple
experimental breeding populations with the farmer-florist in mind.

We wish you all a happy 2017, ours will most certainly be a busy and goal filled one. Our
hope for the coming year is that as people move around the globe, either out of desperation
or in seeking new opportunities, that they find respect, fertile ground, and community
in which they may thrive, much as their seeds that have made similar journeys before
them have. As scientist and author Robin Wall Kimmerer writes in a piece about three
sisters gardens, “All gifts are multiplied in relationship”.

We at Uprising wish you all abundance in 2017 and invite you to join us in this
Brian, Crystine, Rio, Eric, Erica, Rowan, and baby Meira.