Soybean, Edamame, 'White Lion'

(Glycine max) Several years ago we planted a trial plot of about 10 different edamame varieties. Immediately after our mid-May planting, we were hit with a week of unusually cold weather coupled with heavy rain. White Lion was the sole survivor (and by sole, we mean that no other variety sprouted a single plant), suggesting resilience to cool soil conditions for germination. We’ve grown it again since, and it's proved to be a vigorous producer of plump and flavorful pods. Slightly earlier and more productive for us than Shirofumi (which we also used to sell) and in our opinion sweeter in flavor. As a side note, these are easy and rewarding to grow and a snap to freeze!! As you are harvesting them green, there is no need to worry that they won't make it to your dinner plate. Over the years we have not been able to find any domestic edamame at the store. Here's your chance at growing your own for steaming winter bowls to go aside your dashi. So go on, give them a chance already will ya?!
85 days. UO

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