Pumpkin, 'Styrian Hull-less'

For centuries, the people of Styria (borders Slovenia in SE Austria) have used these pumpkin seeds to create what could best be described as cool climate’s answer to olive oil. Its thick, rich, green oil is used to dress salads, dip hearty breads, flavor soups, and even drizzle over ice cream and desserts. While I don’t anticipate many of you pressing these for oil, the hull-less green seeds dried, also know as “pepitas”, are one of the great snack foods you can grow in your garden. (Now you can even press your own with our Oil Presses!). Many fall salads in our home are topped with pepitas dry roasted in a cast-iron skillet with lime and chili. The pumpkins themselves, about 10-15 lbs, orange streaked with green even at full maturity, unfortunately, have a watery flesh and are not very appealing for culinary use (though they are a great and nutritious animal feed). The plants? Give them space, they are bonkers, hugely productive and wildly vigorous. Seeds must be harvested relatively soon after harvesting the pumpkins or they will begin to sprout. People often have a hard time germinating them and they are finicky as they lack the white protective hull. Wait until the soil has warmed or use a heat table and keep them only moist enough to germinate as they rot easily in wet soil.
90-105 days. UO

Packet: 20 seeds

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