Hot Pepper, 'Piccolo Rosso di Madonie'

(C. frutescens) This spicy little pepper was brought back from a small organic farm nestled in a valley of the Madonie, a mountainous region of northern Sicily that feels almost more like the alps of Northern Italy than the vegetable producing Mediterranean lowlands of the Sicilian south (though we saw similar peppers throughout our visit to Sicily). Bushy plants produce sprays of small, upright, red chilies that are our favorite for drying whole. Narrow, and just 1½” to 2” long, they are the perfect size to add whole to pickle jars, Southeast Asian curries, or spicy Chinese dishes. They benefit from extra heat to fully ripen, and their bushy habit makes them perfect as potted plants. We always keep a couple in 2-3 gallon pots in our home greenhouse for drying and the pots can be brought inside when the weather gets cool to continue to ripen any remaining green fruit. In fact, there are a few in our very small office as I write this! Just goes to show where our priorities lie!
100 days. UO

Packet: ~30 seeds

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