Hollyhock, 'Black'

(Alcea rosea var. nigra) Based on past experiences I always think of Hollyhocks as an old fashioned flower growing happily alongside the outdoor “composting” toilet. I do not think that when I think of these! Of course there is not a thing wrong with the above image but these ones simply feel different. Nearly black flowers hold a certain allure, a certain unique and otherworldly mystery that sets them apart and demands our attention. As well, you must be patient and possess a certain amount of planning to manifest any short lived perennial. These will be worth your extra attention to detail. Deep purple/black velvety single blooms, second year, on 6-8’ stems. Provide staking and provide good air circulation to keep rust at bay. Cut off any infected leaves and try not to worry. For fun, look up how to make a hollyhock doll. Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about hollyhocks…
Perennial. UO

Packet: 50 seeds


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