Greens, 'Magentaspreen'

(Chenopodium giganteum)We fell in love with this plant years ago and it has become a staple in our salad mix ever since. Very closely related to the common lambsquarters, it has a blush of shockingly iridescent magenta coloring around the growing tip and undersides of its leaves. The flavor is very rich and wild (somewhat like a mix of spinach and collards) and the plant contains three times the calcium of broccoli by weight. It thrives in summer heat and is indifferent to neglect. Though not nearly as invasive as its weedy (and edible) relative, it will self sow if not removed before seed set. Pick leaves and growing tips all season as a salad highlight. A staple food in the Americas 4000 years ago before corn dominated the diet.
40 days. WGS

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