Bean, Bush Dry, 'Purgatorio'

*Ark of Taste Heirloom*
Every Ash Wednesday, about 100k NW of Rome in the town of Gradoli, the townspeople gather for the Pranzo del Purgatorio or ‘Purgatory Lunch’ organized by the Confraternità del Purgatorio, a truly humble meal of fish, wine, and white beans cooked with salt, pepper, and olive oil. The event goes back to the 1600’s and the cultivar of beans used, known simply as “Purgatorio” (by association), are said to date back to the Etruscans. The small, round white beans retain a toothiness and texture from their skin that makes them an excellent counterpoint to the soft flesh of fish. Because of their small size, the beans do not require pre-soaking and cook relatively quickly. Threatened by shrinking and very localized production, it was boarded on Slow Food Italy’s Ark of Taste in 2013. Slight running habit but not enough to stake it! Has been known to be a promiscuous pollinator and occasionally throws a dark seeded plant.
85-90 days. UO

Packet: 1oz (140 seeds)

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