Pollinator and Soil Builder Mix

When we released the 2019 catalog with it's theme being, Pollinate, we renamed our Insectary Mix, Pollinator Mix. We welcome the action, communication and interdependence the word pollinate conveys, words that can and are applied to the world in general and spark movement toward greater diversity, understanding, and resiliency. Born out of the Wild Garden insectary mix we used to sell, we re-envisioned our mix as a complete fallow year “tonic” for part of your gardening ground. A combination of leguminous plants to replenish nitrogen, and insectary plants to provide long flowering habitat and forage for bees, pollinators, and beneficial insects. Seed heads provide winter scratch for birds. This is the next level. Grad school. Systems thinking. Permaculture. Mix contains Chickling Vetch (“Azureus”), Mustards, Buckwheat, Cilantro, Chervil, Phacelia (“Bee’s Friend”), Calendula, Sunflowers, Red Clover, Anise hyssop, Hyssop, Flax, Hummingbird sage, Sainfoin, Trigonella, Sculpit, Dill, Fennel, Cress and possibly a few others as we have stock. Can either be tilled in at the end of the year or left to perennialize. Packet size covers about 75 square feet.

Packet: 1/4 oz

Product Code: MIX-IN-pkt

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