At long last you find us here again just as the Winter season is upon us. From the photo above you can see that we are already dreaming of Spring even as more snow than we have ever seen fall and stick here and one of the coldest Winters continues.

Our 2017 offerings have been uploaded for all to see and we are thrilled to share all of them with each of you! It continues to amaze us that each Winter as we scurry about finalizing our catalog and website and getting ready for the mad rush that is January-March, we find joy in both what the coming season will have to offer and what this season has to offer to you. That said, we're pretty darn sure you'll like everything as much as we've enjoyed growing the seed for you. Even with the birth of our joyful and bright daughter Meira last September, we managed to grow more seed than ever at our home farm including more new varieties than ever! We owe our small crew a big debt of gratitude and love.

Although it's impossible to pick a favorite, if I had to highlight just a few I would choose, Iceland Poppies (above photo), Filderkraut Cabbage, and Cascade Glaze Collards (returning after an extended absence). Each of these took multiple years to produce seed for and a little bit of trial and error, hard work and selection. You'll be mighty pleased with all of them if I do say so myself!

Look forward to chatting and sending seeds far and away in 2017. Our phones will once again be answered come mid January. Until then you are always welcome to email with any questions or comments you may have. We enjoy writing you back. If you have any comments to leave about last season and how your garden grew, we'd love it if you left a review on the varieties you've tried. We've slowly but surely been adding content to this site so check back in often!

Now, enjoy what the Winter holds, keep doing good work and snuggle in close for warmth or better yet, get up to those mountains or hills or to whatever lies outside your door and go for a ski or hike and get yourself warm and do something to make sure others keep warm too. There is always something to celebrate and we're grateful to be part of yours.