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PHEW! Here we are at last!
Cheers to the 2015 growing season! We're so happy to be a part of yours...

We're thrilled to start fresh in this, our 9th season as a retail seed company. Looking back, we've come a long way from our first two page/three fold print catalog. This year we are excited to add or welcome back 40 varieties and believe you'll love them as much as we do. 

Enjoy our new look and our new and updated site. We've put a lot of work into making it an enjoyable experience. Like any new website launch, we hope for the best and expect some bumps. Please be patient if you find something that doesn't work properly, and bring it to our attention so we can do what we can to fix it. For existing customers, while you may need to reset your password, if you had a customer account with us already it should still be there with your profile and order history.

With Winter Solstice behind us, we can all look forward to Snow Season (get out there and play!) and dream about the coming Spring. What will you sow?


calendulaCalendula mix

Are you looking forward, as we are, to the discovery of, new to you, seeds and the eventual harvest and enjoyment of all your hard work?

chick peasGreen chickpeas ready to eat!

Until then we're happy to be a source of inspiration for you! Please send along new seed ideas/desires and, if we get them in our hands soon, we just may be able to include them in next years offerings. 

Thanks again for your patience, for supporting open-pollinated, organic seeds and for choosing to purchase them here! You have so many wonderful companies to choose from and we'll be sharing our favorites in the coming months.

Do take a moment to look around the site. You'll notice that some pages are still under consruction but many pages, like our 2015 Welcome Letter, Grower and Donation informaion, etc are up and ready to browse. We'll be adding to the site continually and will let you know when we've made updates. Thanks again for joining us in this joyous uprising!

Welcome Home. This is where you belong.

hyper red seed budHyper Red Lettuce budding

ruby streaks seedheadRuby Streaks Mustard in full bloom