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Consistent feedback we’ve gotten over the past several years has been that you'd like to see our catalog earlier in the winter to better plan for the coming year. While it is unlikely that we will be able push forward our catalog publishing date ahead of its usual release in the beginning of January, we decided to use this blog space as a “preview of coming attractions” to get you excited about all that's new for the coming season. While we have not dropped any varieties for 2018, we are adding a large collection of new specialty cut flower cultivars, as well as several new vegetables and culinary herbs. For many of these varieties, especially the flowers, this will be the first time (that we know of) they have been available as organic seed.

Several are still pending germination test results from the lab before we can be certain of availability, but the following is what we anticipate as new additions this winter. All but a handful will have both bulk and packet sizes. They will be available online by late December. Until then, happy perusing and enjoy your holiday season!

Vegetables & Culinary Herbs:
Basil “Thai Sweet” – Anise flavored purple stemmed basil typical of Thai cuisine.
Bean, Bush Dry “Hungarian Rice Bean” – Teeny tiny white dry bean from France.
Cauliflower “Prestige” – Cold hardy overwintering/spring heading cultivar.
Kale "Dazzling Blue" - Wonderful new Lacinato type with purple/magenta veining bred by our firends at Avoca Farm in OR.
Leek “Lincoln” – Early, great tasting tall & slender variety often grown for scallions.
Lettuce “Winter Density” - Classic green butterhead/romaine mashup.
Melon “Giallo d’Inverno” -  Yellow skinned winter melon with juicy, sweet, cream colored flesh.
Soup Pea “Roveja” – Typical soup pea from the mtns of Umbria in an amazing array of earth tones.
Parsley "Turkish" - Flat leaf type, was a taste test winner of an extensive parsley trial.
Perilla “Tiet To” – Vietnamese type of shiso with two toned green/purple leaves.
Watermelon “Janosik” – Fantastic & productive early Polish variety with crisp sweet yellow flesh.

Amaranth “Elephant’s Head” –Dense, towering burgundy spires.
Bupleurum “Green Gold” – Bouquet filler with eucalyptus like leaves and starry chartreuse flowers.
Centaurea “Aloha Blanca” – Giant 7’ tall bachelor’s button relative with 5” frilled white blooms.
China Aster “Tower Chamois” – Beautiful apricot to pink cultivar with sturdy long stems.
Columbine “Bordeaux Barlow” – Elegant, doubled deep burgundy flowers.
Cosmos "Picotee" - Tall bushy plants, white blooms with varying degrees of pink/deep magenta edging to the petals.
Datura “Sacred Datura” – Giant white funnel shaped “moonflowers” on broad branching plants.
Four O'Clocks "White" - Pure white version of the highly fragrant, afternoon-blooming classic
Foxglove “Apricot Beauty” – Tall productive cultivar with apricot to pink colored spikes.
Foxglove “Café Crème” – moody spikes of chocolate colored blooms with light veined centers
Grass “Frosted Explosion” – Voluminous mounds of sturdy stems with fiber-optic like plumes.
Jacobs Ladder “Blue” – Beautifuly textured fern-like foliage with sky blue flowers.
Larkspur “White Cloud” – Small pure white blooms in sprays rather than spikes.
Nicotiana “Jasmine Scented” – white to cream colored blooms with amazing evening fragrance.
Nicotiana “Langsdorfii” – Wonderful cutter with productive stems of pendulous lime green flowers.
Nicotiana “Only the Lonely” – Tallest of the flowering tobaccos. Fragrant, 5” long nodding tube flowers.
Nigella “Bridal Veil” – Pure white petals with dark purple centers.
Rudbeckia “Autumn Sunset” – Diverse mix of mostly doubles in autumnal and earth toned shades.
Salvia “Transylvanian Sage” – Large rosettes of fuzzy green foliage with blue/lavender flower spikes.
Scabiosa “Fama Deep Blue” – Perennial scabiosa with huge blue/violet blooms on very long stems.
Scabiosa “Fata Morgana” – Very popular cultivar with cream to blushed salmon blooms.
Scabiosa “Sternkugel”stellata type grown for its unusual star-patterned spherical seed heads.
Statice, Russian – Hot pink, branching pipecleaner-like spikes are great cuts both fresh & dried.
Sweet Pea “Heaven Scent” – Amazingly scented apricot/pink flowers on long stems & sturdy plants.
Sweet Pea “Kingfisher” – Fragrant sky blue flowers with creamy white centers.
Sweet Pea “Turquois Lagoon” – Blooms shift from pink/violet to tropical blue as they age.
Sweet Pea “Windsor” – Large, very dark burgundy/black blooms.
Sweet Pea “Wiltshire Ripple” – Very fragrant and elegant burgundy speckles over cream.
Sweet Pea sp. “Lathyrus chloranthus” – Un-scented chartreuse cultivar, excellent as an unusual cut.
Verbascum “Phoenician Mullein” – Tall spikes of delicate white flowers with incredibly decorative pistils.
Verbascum “Turkish Mullein” – Fantastically wooly foliage with towering, slender flower spikes.
Zinnia “Zinderella Peach” – Petit scabiosa type cream/peach/rose blooms with elongated centers.

Perilla "Tiet to"Aloha BlancaRoveja