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Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry

Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry
Product Information

**Ark of Taste Heirloom**

(Physalis pruinosa)

About as close as we can come to real tropical fruit flavor from our Northwest garden.  Related to the tomatillo, ground cherries are low growing plants that produce an abundance of fruit, about the size of a large marble, enclosed in papery husks.  The flavor can best be described as a combination of banana and pineapple with a hint of muskiness from its nightshade lineage.  When ripe the yellow fruit drops with the husk attached and can be easily gathered from around the base of the plant.  Geat for snacking out of hand and also makes a nice dried fruit, jam, or chutney. The small fruits will keep in their husks for at least 2-3 weeks.

75 days

Packet size: 50 seeds, additional bulk sizes


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