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We present you with a delicious French filet green bean that remains completely stringless, tender, and sweet while growing to over 11” in length. Wonderfully nutty and rich with the intense flavor of a filet bean. Smooth and sultry. There, I said it. If a bean can be called smooth and sultry, you have found it. Smashingly productive. Brilliant green round pods. 6-10’ vines. The running favorite among our commercial and home grower friends alike. Difficult seed to find and produce. Get them while you can! Reddish brown seeds. This is a tedious and time consuming seed crop to produce...A HUGE thanks to both the growers who worked with us to help produce a more sizable amount!

60 days.

Packet: 50 seeds


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Product Code: FORBNWZS63
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Foremost Fortex!
"Fortex is one of the best growing and definitely the best tasting pole snap we have ever tried. Sweet, crispy and prolific here in Port Angeles' cool climate. We are 10-15 degrees cooler than a lot of the rest of western WA and they did great. Love 'em. Thanks Uprising!!"
Jan 03 2014, 05:42 AMby Bryan Bell

So many tasty beans!
"This was a real winner for us in 2013. Wonderful flavor and texture and incredibly productive, I couldn't keep up. Our soil is very dry sand with little organic matter, I have to water a lot and Fortex still performed superbly."
Aug 21 2013, 22:10 PMby Edmonds Green Wizard

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