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Other Beans

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Aquadulce Fava Beans Aquadulce Fava Beans
(Vicia faba) One of the oldest cultivated plants, fava popularity is on the rise! Wonderfully nutritious and deliciou…
Fava, "Frog Island Nation" *New for 2014* Fava, "Frog Island Nation" *New for 2014*
(Vicia faba) This beautiful purple fava variety was given to us at a seed conference several years ago and likely co…
Garbanzo, "Black Kabouli" Garbanzo, "Black Kabouli"
(Cicer arietinum) One of our favorite discoveries of the past several years, we spend an inordinate amount of time ke…
Garbanzo, "Hannan Pop Bean" *New for 2014* Garbanzo, "Hannan Pop Bean" *New for 2014*
(Cicer arietinum) Years ago, traveling through Peru and Bolivia, we came across a new-to-us leguminous oddity: Nu&nt…
Lentil, "Le Puy" *New for 2014* Lentil, "Le Puy" *New for 2014*
(Lens culinaris) It is indeed true that these were not grown in Le Puy-en-Velay, France where they have been grown…
Soybean, "Shirofumi" Edamame Soybean Soybean, "Shirofumi" Edamame Soybean
(Glycine max) We think everyone ought to grow a patch of edamame in their garden. Grown for the fresh, green pod…
Soybean, "White Lion" Edamame *New for 2014* Soybean, "White Lion" Edamame *New for 2014*
(Glycine max) Two years ago we planted a trial plot of about 10 different edamame varieties. Immediately after our m…
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