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Rich's Red (Red Grain)

Rich's Red (Red Grain)
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2014 seed garlic will be here soon!!

(Purple Stripe) BEAUTIFUL! Consistently the best performing cultivar for our garlic seed grower Kelleigh McMillan of Sowing Seeds Farm in Twisp, WA. Rich's Red which was most likely selected from "Red Grain",  a terrific keeper which is uniform in shape with lovely deep purple coloring.  RRed is deliciously pungent and an all around perfect choice for all your cooking endeavors! For those of you familiar with Chesnok Red, Rich's is similar to Chesnok in its growth habit and clove size.  Grown out and selected on for 25 years by Rich Brennan who lives in a remote spot up Texas Creek in the Methow Valley.

TRY IT and let us know what you think! We predict you will love it. Good supply of beautiful stock this year.

Min 1 3/4 - 2" d.

Grown by Sowing Seeds Farm in Twisp, WA


**Please note, we cannot guarantee real-time availability on mail orders, as there is a lag time between when you order and when we receive your check. If you would accept substitutions in case of an out of stock variety please note it in the "comments" section of your order.**

**Shipping begins Sept. 15. All seed packets ordered with seed garlic will be shipped together. Please email us if you need your seed packets earlier.**

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