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Mushroom Kits **New!**

New this year, we are happy to be offering two DIY mushroom culivation kits from Alex of Cascadia Mushroom Farm, Whatcom county's purveyor of certified organic fresh mushrooms*.  Neither kit requires a great deal of skill or inordinate amount of attention to produce very satisfying results.  A great addition to your home food production!  Produced in Bellingham, WA.

*Please note in our print catalogue we mistakenly referred to Cascadia as Washingtons first and only Certified Organic Mushroom Farm. There are in fact others, including Fungi Perfecti, who have been certified since the 1990's.

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Shitake Mushroom Plugs Shitake Mushroom Plugs
Plug spawn is used to grow gourmet medicinal and edible mushrooms on freshly cut (green) hardwood logs or stumps left at…
Winecap Mushroom Spawn Winecap Mushroom Spawn
(Stropharia rugoso annulata) is a large mushroom native to many parts of Europe nd North America.  It has a wonderf…
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