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Looking for a Permanent HOME!!

Our business is growing and we are looking for a permanent home farm to purchase in WA or closeby.

If you or someone you know may have what we need please email us with the specifics and contact information.

Specific Requirements:

1) At least 8-10 acres tillable. All soil types will be considered save for wetland areas. Happy to have a larger area up to 50 acres with some forested.

2) Within 2-3 hours drive of Bellingham. Prefer Whatcom, Skagit, Island Counties. Looking farther afield too so please share.

3) Ample water with water rights preferred but not necc.

4) Outbuildings/barn would be great. A house is Not necc. or preferred.

5) Prefer to be at least 2-3 miles from other vegetable farms for isolation purposes.

6) Land that is able to be immed. certified or certified by next season.

7) Prefer land that is not on heavily used roads.


Thank you! We certainly appreciate your help in our search.



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