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Welcome to Uprising Seeds and
Uprising Organics Farm

2014 Seed Garlic Update: We are now SOLD OUT!
Seeds are a gift of nature, of past generations and diverse cultures. It is our inherent duty and responsibility to protect them and to pass them on to future generations. They are the first link in the food chain, the embodiment of biological and cultural diversity and the repository of life's future evolution.” 

   ~Manifesto on the Future of Seed

*Uprising Seeds is looking for a permanent home farm to purchase in WA!*

Please click here and take a look at the specifics. Thanks for your help.

  Thanks for having a look at our selection of vegetable, flower, and herb varieties well suited to the unique growing conditions of our region and beyond. We are proud to have been Washingtons first 100% Certified Organic seed company and are pleased to bring you 33 new varieties and 6 returning varieties for the 2014 season as well as the addition of new mixes! We look forward to another amazing year with you.

The majority of our seeds are still grown at our home farm Uprising Organics in Acme, WA and isolation plots throughout the county.  The remainder are sourced from our great network of family farms in Washington, Oregon, N. CA and Idaho.  Our growers are among the best and most experienced in the Organic Seed trade.

All our seeds are Open Pollinated and Certified Organic by the USDA.

We at Uprising Seeds have signed the Safe Seed Pledge and are Adamantly opposed to GMO's.
Please refer to, "our growers" on the, "site information" left sidebar to learn about who grows the seeds listed on our website.

Our catalog:

Thanks for supporting regionally grown, open-pollinated seeds!
¡Viva la semilla!

*Certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture




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