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Cerinthe 'Pride of Gibraltar'

Cerinthe 'Pride of Gibraltar'
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(Cerinthe major atropurpurea)

I spy on my neighbor. So as not to overwhelm her with all my questions and inundate her with my child's pleading eyes and loud whisperings of, “Just one flower mama, I will just ask for one”, while he tries to contain himself from becoming one with the flowers, I spy. Under cover of bicycle, raincoat, and sunglasses I bike by, veering only at the last moment, as if on a whim, to catch a glimpse of what she has created. It is always a pleasure and I always leave too soon. These come from one such encounter. Purple tipped green leaves, cascading bracts of dark and then light purple flowers, waxy and almost succulent stems...humans, bees and hummingbirds were all smitten. 24-30” tall reseeding annual. Perfect planted among succulents, in a border, a flowerbox, a bouquet… blooms from mid-summer on to medium frosts. Our favorite new flower introduction, this native of the Greek Islands is somewhat rare and absolutely unique. ~Update 2014~ Our Cerinthe survived  weather in the teens this past Nov!

50-60 days.

Packet Size: 25 seeds


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