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Who we donate to...

2014 DONATIONS ARE closed!


This list is being updated for 2015...

Please know that if you do not hear back from us we may have misplaced your requests so don't be shy, send it again!  Donations begin in Dec. but we send them out all year so, do not fret! We may just have what you need. We also may not get be able to get back to each and every one of you...

...about our favorite thing to do... pack a box full of seeds and send it on its' way!


 2015 DONATIONS: being updated...


1) Whatcom School Garden Collective: Whatcom County, WA.  A new project of over 12 new school gardens spearheaded by the good folks at Common Threads Farm.
....seeks to strengthen the health of families, communities, and the environment by providing experiential learning opportunities in biologically sound urban agriculture. Through hands-on educational programs we teach people about the sources of their food and the ease and abundance of organic gardening. In collaboration with local business, farmers, students and government, the OEC works as a regional resource hub for sustainable food growing.

Local Food Works: Whatcom County, WA.  Distributing baskets of seeds and supplies to encourage families in the foothills area to grow their own gardens as well as share their bounty with local food distribution centers.
5) Bellingham Food Bank: Bellingham, WA- BFB Garden project builds raised gardens with participants eligible for food assistance, provides seeds and starts and a garden mentor to get folks growing and eating their own vegies! The Food Bank Farm operates a 3 acre farm and grows vegetables exclusively for food bank families.


In solidarity with Latino farmworkers, whose skill and labor drive our domestic agricultural economy, we are happy to donate to immigration and advocacy organizations working in the state of Washington. We honor these communities and the cultural riches they bring our country.


  We love to hear about new gardens in schools. If you are a school that would like a donation of seeds, please mail us a letter and we'll happily see what we can do. We donate all previous year seeds to schools, non-profits,  community gardens, etc. Send a letter or email along with your request and detail specific varieties, quantities, and non-profit # to:

Uprising Seeds
2208 Iron St
Bellingham, WA 98225
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