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We are Brian, Crystine, Katy, Rio, Megan and Rowan and we love what we do.

We're changing and becoming relevant to time and place too...updating for 2015...


Sharing this good, hard work with you is our passion and commitment as well as something we see as vital. As the seed community continues to change, with more and more seed companies and varieties owned by a few, and the threat of GMO seed contamination looms, it is even more important to grow these seeds, pass them along to others, and learn from all those around us who carry a wealth of sustained knowledge. Seeds are ever changing, relevant to time and place with stories to tell, yet seeds in the hands of common people is something we believe should never change. This is why we bring you the best open-pollinated varieties that we've grown to love over the years. Grow them, save them, eat the fruits of your labour and share what you have and know. Each voice is another to be counted in this joyous uprising!


Brian and Reeb doing the bean dance, swing your partner...

How our kid likes his salad...

Please share with us how your seeds grew as well as new varieties that you would be interested in seeing in our catalog. We see this as a community effort and we'd love to involve you.


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