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2014 Seed Rack Locations

We currently have seed racks at 37 retail stores throughout WA and OR. They carry various sizes of racks from 42 to 100+ varieties. Give them a call to see if they have what you need!

  1. Community Food Coop Downtown- Bellingham, WA
  2. Community Food Coop Cordata- Bellingham, WA
  3. Garden Spot Nursery- Bellingham, WA (New!)
  4. Terra Organica in the Public Market- Bellingham, WA
  5. Crossroads Grocery- Maple Falls, WA
  6. Skagit Valley Food Coop- Mount Vernon, WA
  7. Christianson's Nursery- Mount Vernon, WA
  8. Sno-Isle Food Coop- Everett, WA
  9. Madison Market- Seattle, WA
  10. Walts Organics- Seattle, WA
  11. City Peoples- Seattle, WA
  12. PCC Greenlake- Seattle, WA
  13. PCC Issaquah- Issaquah, WA
  14. PCC Viewridge- N. Seattle, WA
  15. PCC Seward Park- SE Seattle, WA
  16. PCC West Seattle- W. Seattle, WA
  17. PCC Edmonds- Edmonds, WA 
  18. PCC Fremont- Seattle, WA 
  19. PCC Redmond- Redmond, WA
  20. PCC Edmonds- Edmonds, WA
  21. Mountain Community Coop, Eatonville, WA 
  22. Olympia Food Coop East-  Olympia WA
  23. Olympia Food Coop West- Olympia, WA
  24. Glover Street Market- Twisp, WA
  25. Main Market Coop- Spokane, WA
  26. Cherry Sprout- Portland, OR
  27. Peoples Food Coop- Portland, OR
  28. Food Front Northwest Coop- Portland, OR
  29. Food Front Hillsdale Coop- Portland, OR
  30. Naomis Organic Farm Supply- Portland, OR
  31. Urban Farm Store- Portland OR
  32. Astoria Food Coop- Astoria, OR 
  33. Sundance Natural Foods- Eugene, OR
  34. Alberta Street Coop- Portland, OR (New!)
  35. San Juan Island Coop- Friday Harbor, WA (New!)
  36. Port Townsend Food Coop- Port Townsend, WA (New!)
  37. Tacoma Food Coop- Tacoma, WA (New!)
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